I always thought my first blog ever would be full of good vibes, lol.I turned eighteen waiting for them good vibes and almost exactly a year later,fifteen days to my nineteenth birthday🎂 and not much has changed.

Today on my bed,having spent the whole day here listening to music am thinking, a Monday without a class is really God sent.It almost never happens. My favorite time is always when am alone confronting the ghosts that haunt me.Keeping up a smiley face in public has began frustrating me.When I was younger, I had a one sided smile that would only show when something had extremely pleased me and that was something I miss.My life was rarely messy as there was no pretence.I was real all the way.

Lately I’ve seen people complaining constantly of fake friends.Most people believe that fake is smiling at you and stabbing you in the back while you are not looking but I don’t think it only revolves around that.Fake is also pretending to be happy when you are not,laughing at jokes you don’t even find funny just to boost a person’s confidence.There are a lot more examples but I think you get my point already.It’s really important to be real because some times it makes or breaks lives.

If I am right,fake is what ninety nine percent of us are.If you know you know.Most times you are being advised to be yourself, but in your head you are thinking,what if you can’t handle the real me,right?

That’s what scares the shit out of me to be honest😂😂Am like,what if no one likes the real me,what if they prefer the facade?But now,fifteen days to my nineteenth birthday,I don’t care.I am taking a step in my journey to being real.Join me if you like,take a step out of the facade you’ve built and peel of part of the mask you’ve been wearing one step at a time,no hurry just like the saying there’s no hurry in Africa.Trust me when i say this,it’s refreshing,and wait,don’t be afraid to lose people while on this journey, after all,some people came into your life for a season.Real talk,God first.

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