Everytime i sit down and think about my life,the present,the future,my vision blurs,literally. It isn’t like that with my past though, i can pretty much remember a lot about my past.

Why does this happen anyway?Why does my vision blur when i think of what i want to do with my life?Your guess is not as good as mine. I think that happens because i didn’t fulfil what i always wanted.What did i want?Mmmmmh!

Ever since i was younger i was obsessed about hollywood…lol,i know. I always knew i want to work in a movie related field ever since i was younger. I would watch movies and be like,yes, that’s where i belong.Whether it was me creating or me acting,i didn’t care,i just wanted to work in the film field.

Something else,i am obsessed about car racing. No,not watching,racing.Dangerous right? Maybe. I can’t help it,i love challenges. I still want to do all these. I believe i can still do it.Maybe not go to hollywood but do my movies and still race cars ,i am still young right?Then why does my vision blur when i am thinking about my life?I don’t really know yet but i will because,not only does it blur but i feel as if i am on lock down. Like i am still aiming low. I can be better than that. Actually i have this belief that nothing is impossible,like literally nothing is impossible. Everything is in your mind and you just gotta think that you can do it and you will.It’s all a mind game. You wanna conquer your fears,you hate heights,go to the tallest building that you can find and prove your fear wrong. You fear driving cars,hell, get into that car and drive.You just have to cheat your fears,that’s it.

I wanna go abroad,i wanna travel,i wanna live life,i want to get rid of my fears of falling in love,hell,i want to get rid of all my fears and most of all,i want to think about my life without my vision blurring.Can i?Yes of course i can,nothing is impossible in the eyes of God so go fight your fears too.Who me?Yes,you😂😂


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