Help!I can’t sleep

It is 00:28hrs,on Sunday 17th March and i can’t sleep. I have already said goodnight to the last of my chat buddies knowing i am heading to sleep but i just can’t seem to sleep.My eyes are hurting,my body is tired and i have all the reasons to sleep but my mind just won’t co-operate.At this point i am out of options.

All my friends are probably turning and rolling in their own drool, our house is quiet and even our neighbourhood dogs have stopped barking and the only sounds i can hear loud and clear are coming from this persistent mosquitoes.I have also just heard a motorbike pass by,who is riding this late anyway?

The novel i was reading is right here beside me but i can’t even seem to read it. It has gotten to a point where i have tried reading a post on my favourite writer’s blog that was recommended by my friend but i couldn’t finish it.Can’t i just sleep please.Who can give me tips on how to make my mind co-operate and let me retire to sleep so i can wake up and go to Church in the morning.If someone has a logical solution to sleepless nights aside from youtube music created to lul someone to sleep,please respond down below,cause i really do need this sleep…i really do.Have a goodnight everyone.

Photo found in pinterest


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