His breath of fresh air(Part 2)


I wasn’t sure what to call myself at that moment,lucky,or doomed?I was seated next to one of the most beautiful women i had ever met,Rakel.Don’t get me wrong,my wife was also very beautiful,very attractive and that’s one of the main reasons i had fallen in love with her in the first place.Rakel had agreed to go on a mini vaccation with me that was meant to help me clear my head.

I hadn’t given my wife any explanations on where i was going since i wasn’t a very good liar.One thing would lead to the next and i would be caught in the lie.I had packed my bags and gone straight to my kids bedrooms and told them i was travelling for the weekend and that i would be back on Sunday.They had hugged me so tight and made me promise them that i would bring back gifts.It was a culture that we had cultivated.I would travel and make sure i would bring back gifts,even their mother did.Normally i would finish saying goodbye to them and head back to my wife and we would have the time of our lives,in bed of course but this time i didn’t.It just didn’t feel right in my heart.I was to leave the next morning but i decided i couldn’t bare the guilt of sleeping next to my wife knowing i was going to be in bed with another woman the next night and so i left immediately.I’ll be truthful and say that i wished my wife had stopped me at least to say goodbye but she didn’t.She just sat in bed with her headphones placed firmly in her ears and used her phone like i didn’t even exist,i didn’t blame her.

I had been tempted to get drunk that night but decided it wasn’t a good idea since i was the one driving the next day.I felt so sick and tired but thinking of Rakel made me feel better and so i asked her if we could start the journey at that moment and she agreed.I swear i felt like she was sent from heaven.It was a 30minute drive to her house and so when i got there she was packed and ready to leave and so we left.

She fell asleep after a while and all i was left with were my thoughts to keep me company.When had this even started?My relationship with Rakel.Right,when we first met.

We had first met at the company’s doorway right?Well,we met inside too.Our company board members had decided to sponsor small businesses owners that had brilliant ideas and were short on money.The interviews were to start on that day.Their goal was to recruit at least five serious business owners and invest in their business.This was a start and if the first trial went well,they would increase the numbers.I was one of the interviewers since i was also one of the heads of department in the company and i wasn’t even excited to be in the meeting.How could i even be the least bit happy yet they had cut down my salary only to spend lots of money in businesses they weren’t even sure of.In my opinion,it was a gamble.

My lack of excitement was shortlived when i saw Rakel enter the room.I almost asked her if she was lost but as fate would have it,she was one of the small business owners.She was working on import and export goods.At first,i was concerned that the men in the room wouldn’t be able to concentrate on her ideas just because all seemed to be oggling at her.She had worn a tight fitting skirt that went up to her knees which i bet is called a pencil skirt since my wife was always wearing them and a silk button up blouse underneath her velvet blazer.I was tempted to run my fingers on her clothes.They looked so soft and delicate as they hugged her body in all the right places.I couldn’t tell what her hair looked like as she had on a headscarf that was wrapped immaculately on her head.Her chocolate coloured skin was everything.She had on minimal make up and what finished of the look was her large golden ear loops.Damn!Wasn’t this woman beautiful.

She seemed to wait for us to finish checking her out when she begun to talk.Her voice alone made me forget how her body looked.She didn’t have a high pitched voice,no,she had a powerful not so deep voice.As she talked i realised she was a woman who chose her words carefully.She introduced herself and made sure to insist that her name was Rakel with a K.Her presentation was brilliant and even by her talking alone,we could tell that she was very intelligent and investing on her business would be an intelligent thing to do.Allow me to say,a beauty with brains.

Everyone in the room,a total of seven men and three ladies voted her in for the project.I was happy.That meeting alone had taken two hours and at the end of it, Rakel had invited me to lunch,her treat,for helping her out in the morning.Just opening the door for her had landed me a date.I was totally in for the idea,maybe even the thought of free food was appealing to me.One lunch led to dinner and dinner led to sex and two months later she was sitting on the passenger seat of my rented car asleep.I know i am not exactly ugly but this woman was gorgeous.I wasn’t sure what she had seen in me.Was it my very bushy beard that women seemed to like,or my decently fit body only because i went to the gym at least once a week,or it could be my eyes.My wife had told me that they were the first thing she noticed about me.That was apparently what made me attractive according to her.

In those two months i had been in a constant war of thoughts.I always seemed to be thinking.No matter how much Rakel made me forget all about my problems,i would occasionally compare Rakel to my wife.Her height,her teeth,simply her everything.I had not even told Rakel that i had a wife because i had conflicted feelings.What if i told her and she took off?She had made my life so worth living but i also wasn’t ready to leave my wife yet,not just because of our kids,but also because i knew deep inside,i still loved her but we had grown so far apart i wasn’t sure anymore.

I always made sure to keep my family away from Rakel and vice versa.i didn’t want any of them to get hurt.I even used a rental car for that trip for heaven’s sake,yet i had three cars including my wife’s.I was totally confused.On one hand,my beautiful wife was at home,taking care of our kids and on the other hand,Rakel was here,keeping my emotions in check.Helping me so i won’t eventually fall apart and she didn’t even know it.Now tell me,with both these God sent women,was i lucky or was i doomed?

Hello guys,i am not sure how this went,i hope you like it.I am done guessing when i’ll end this story.I was sure that this was the last part but as fate would have it i’ll have to continue on the next part and maybe more.I have no idea.I hope you’ll enjoy this story no matter how long it will stretch and i will appreciate comments,here and if u could please press the like button.It was nice writing this story so again i hope you’ll enjoy it.Have a nice one everyone.

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  1. Is he doomed or lucky… ๐Ÿ˜…

    This reminds me of a book…”The Sacred and Profane Love Machine ”

    It has a James who also has a Rakel and a wife… It was really good… You should check it out

    Alriiiight… Part 3 here I come ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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