Caught?(Part 3)

Having fun was definitely the easy part.Ever since Rakel had woken up from her sleep she had sang to most of the music that was on the radio.It was such a refreshing sight.Everytime i looked at Rakel i would feel like she was so similar to my wife yet so different.Were their similarities what attracted me to her,i had no idea.

After two straight hours of singing and talking Rakel offered to drive.I honestly thought she would never ask and i was so glad that she did. I had driven for eight hours straight and we had five more to our destination but i was exhausted.Even though i was so sleepy i was fighting hard to stay awake so i could make sure Rakel knew what she was doing.The first time i had let my wife drive she had driven us straight into a ditch and i couldn’t make such a mistake again so i waited and waited but thirty minutes later i realized Rakel drove just fine and i don’t even remember falling asleep.

“Am i not good enough?Did you have to go out of your way and find another woman?Am i not beautiful enough for you anymore?Don’t you love me any more James?Don’t you?”My wife was screaming at me at the top of her lungs and i swear her punches had gotten stronger over the years.All of a sudden i was seeing my wife…it was like i was seeing her for the first time in years.I had not noticed how slender she had become over the years.She was smaller but prettier.This was a woman that took care of our kids day in and day out and still went out of her way to listen to my problems when i hadn’t heard her complain for years until the incident with my company.She skillfully handled our home and her businesses and still managed to look impeccable doing it.What had i done?

What got me off my train of thoughts was Rakel standing a few metres from where my wife was.I hadn’t known that she was there.How did they find out?Rakel was more calm but her eyes were burning right through my soul.She looked betrayed,hurt and guilty even.She stood there looking at my wife hitting my chest wildly and i couldn’t help but murmer a sorry towards her direction but i knew it wouldn’t be enough.

“James!James!Babe!” One minute i was in the middle of what i thought was the end of my life and the next,Rakel was frantically calling my name.I had to look around to confirm my surroundings.That’s when i realized i had been in a bad bad dream.I was still in my rental car and looking outside,i knew we had gotten to where we were going.Most of my dreams were always close to the truth and immediately, i knew that the truth was catching up with me and i couldn’t keep up the lie for long.What was i going to do? I don’t have the best poker face and i knew Rakel would eventually tell that something was bothering me and so i proposed to go scuba diving after checking into the hotel knowing that swimming would ease some of the tension i had.

Some hours later almost all the tension was over.Scuba diving and eating and all that had eased the tension.I had decided to have fun on that day and take advantage of the time with Rakel because i knew i couldn’t bet on living this life forever.Eventually i would have to choose between Rakel and my wife or in another very probable chance i could end up losing both so i had to enjoy myself when i could.

Running in the sand,holding hands with Rakel,playing like teenagers in the water left me feeling so much younger than i had felt in so long.Watching the stars while lying on the sandy beach had sealed it all.I didn’t want to think of all my problems and how messed up my life could be in a short time and so i watched Rakel.She was breathtakingly beautiful with all the light the ocean was reflecting from the moon.I couldn’t help but think of how perfect she was but as i looked at her more,i saw something else.All this while i had been falling for my wifes younger version. Rakel was exactly what my wife was when she was younger and i couldn’t help but question all the feelings i had been having for Rakel.

As i was watching Rakel,she turned and asked me if i was okay and i didn’t know what to say because i knew the look in my face had surely suggested thay i wasn’t okay.I was about to spill my guts but thank God for phones.Her phone was ringing wildly.I didn’t look at the name on the screen but when i saw her face,i knew there was something definitely wrong. She excused herself and took the call at some distance.She was always picking her calls with confidence around me but i knew this time was different.There was something very wrong with that call.

I sat back and waited for her to finish her call and as she was coming back,her face seemed to have 50 emotions put together.Wait,did she know?Did she finally know what i was hiding all this while?

Photo taken from Pinterest.


  1. Interesting, I like it. My opinion however I think the word ‘I’ should be in upper case plus there should be a space after punctuation marks, otherwise keep up the good work. Tr. K.


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