His breathe of fresh air -part 4


I sat back and waited for her to finish her call. As she was coming back, her face seemed to display almost 50 emotions put together. Wait, did she know? Did she finally know what I was hiding all this while?…

”We need to talk,” she said.

How often have we heard that statement as men in our lives? More often than not, it is usually bad news. Am I right or am I right?

The moment Rakel uttered those dark words I knew I was in for a rude shock, so I sat up and buttoned my shirt. Rakel seemed nervous and for a moment I stopped worrying about myself and worried about her. I tried to get her to talk but she just stayed mute looking at me with wide eyes. I asked her if we could get back to the hotel because the weather had dramatically changed and it was extremely cold. All she did was nod her head. I packed everything we had outside and led her towards the entrance of the hotel. I couldn’t stop looking at her. She looked pale and I figured that she would talk when she was ready. As I laid out some of the clothes I had carried to change into, Rakel gently nudged me and said, ”My husband is back”.

These are words I could never have imagined hearing, not even after all those drama movies I had watched. Wait, my ears could have been playing mean tricks on me.

“What?” is all I could manage to say.

This, my people, is when shit gets real. I had to take a seat because I needed an explanation. I know I had my fair share of sins but I didn’t expect this. How many things had we hidden from each other? Rakel and I. How old was she anyway,25? I had never really seen her with a ring. Not once. ”Rakel. Please, you’ve got to tell me everything, from start to finish. What do you mean your husband is back?” I was quite frustrated saying this because deep down I didn’t feel like I had a right to ask these questions since I hadn’t been entirely honest myself.

Apparently, Rakel is among the women who are married young. She was married by her childhood sweetheart at 21 while he was 23. They had been married for three years and had plans to start a family but the husband got a scholarship to study abroad and it would have been really expensive to go with Rakel. They planned to continue living together after the husband had settled. The husband had then seemingly dropped off the face of the planet, Rakel not knowing he had gotten into trouble immediately after getting there and lost everything he had brought with him . He had been in a hustle to salvage his scholarship that communicating with Rakel had been a problem. Rakel had searched for her husband and six months later is when her husband had contacted her. Thereafter they had been trying to get Rakel documents that would help her join him abroad but it had been fruitless until Rakel got tired of trying and instead started her import-export business that would eventually help her see her husband often but that is when she had met me. She says her marriage was in such a strain that she decided to see if she could find happiness with another man.


She said, “that morning we met had been so frustrating for me. I had gotten off the phone with my husband Ken and we had had a bitter argument and he didn’t feel like the business idea was a bright idea among other things that we just didn’t agree on. Nothing had seemed to be working for me until you had helped me out and you seemed to be my lucky charm because you happened to be at the meeting and I got fully voted in. I couldn’t help but feel indebted to you and also attracted as you are really attractive. I invited you for lunch and couldn’t help myself from there. One thing led to another and to be safe I hired a private investigator and that is how I learned that you are married and your wife and I have a slight resemblance. I knew this was good since what attracted you to me was my resemblance to your wife and high chances were that you wouldn’t leave your wife for me and that I wouldn’t be forced to leave my husband since we are slightly in the same situation. I didn’t know how long this would go on and I truly didn’t expect my husband to be back home this soon. I am so sorry if you feel played but I hope you’ll let us have fun this one time and after that, go our separate ways.”

What Rakel had said had left me in utter shock. I still couldn’t wrap my mind around what I had just heard. The player had just been played but on the upside, I no longer had to worry about Rakel being hurt and all I had to do was have fun that one night and by the next day figure out how I would make it right with my wife.

This was a crazy turn of events. All this time Rakel was married and she knew all along that I had a wife. I told her what had led me into being unfaithful and we finally concluded that we were running away from problems instead of facing them head-on. What we did was wrong and I would never have wanted my wife to do to me what I did to her. Cheating on my wife would definitely haunt me in the future but it felt good to have been able to walk out of this relationship with Rakel in a civilized way.

Looking at Rakel as she slept that night, I knew that I had been seeing my wife’s younger version all this while. There had been similarities that I hadn’t really thought of fully but now I knew that I just needed to make it right with my wife and move on with life.


I am seriously sorry for the delay. I hope you are all well. This is a post to celebrate my birthday today. Turning 20 this year…yaaaay

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