Hey guys. I decided that I should at least let you in on why I didn’t post on Monday. I honestly want to but sometimes things you hadn’t planned on happening happen and you have to postpone stuff.

I am seated on my couch but it’s more like resting on it. I am trying hard to focus on what I am writing and editing but my mind just seems to be scattered all over the place😂 I honestly don’t want you guys to get bored of waiting so am promising an update soon…very soon,hopefully this week. I hope you all understand since sometimes you just try hard to force yourself to finish something up quickly but end up ruining it completely. I don’t wanna ruin this story so I am asking for a bit of time to piece this next part together and share it with you.

Have a nice day at work and please do spread love and peace everywhere you go😌Have a nice day. I love you all for visiting my site♥️


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