Hey guys. It’s been a while right? I am sorry. It really seems as if i have a problem with commitments but believe it or not, i am praying about it for the sake of my future projects and relationships.

I am sure most of you know that yesterday was fathers day. Most times it just passes me by. We have to agree that the day is underrated compared to mothers day but maybe we ought to change that. Before i dive into what got me out of hibernation I’d like to have us give a moment of silence to the dads that are no longer with us. May their stars continue shining bright in their children’s souls and may their legacies continue.

Today i wanted to celebrate my dad by telling the world what i think about him. Usitense, I’ll try to keep it as positive as i can😂Happy fathers day old man. I know you understand that i have a habit of being fashionably late to occasions, forgive me for that and for the sake of future references, i love you.

This is a dedication to you dad.

Dad, growing up i had always thought you were perfect. In my eyes you could make no mistake. You were always sharply dressed and as no-nonsense as ever. The earliest happy memory of you happens to be when we used to live in the city. I would like you to remember but you probably don’t remember that particular moment. We wanted to get to the bottom floor of our apartment and you thought it would be fun to have me sit on top of a sack and drag me down the stairs. It was definitely fun because i laughed a lot but i am sure as hell my backside ached that night. It was worth it. That i believe is one of my best moments ever till date.

You were fun but also strict. Careful to show me the right way to live. I am in pain just thinking of all the canes i got for being naughty and mischievous. I must have taken after one of my uncles maybe. Your disciplinary ways were top notch and i am glad you raised me the way you did because i believe that in many ways that helped shape me to be who i am today. Thank you dad.

Gone are the days when I thought you were perfect. Now i know better but that hasn’t changed my love and respect for you. The day i realized you are not perfect was the day my life changed forever. I learned that it was normal to make mistakes. It was important even to make mistakes but what was better was that you taught me to take responsibility of my mistakes. You showed in more ways than one that you could fall and get up, you could be in pain but still continue living. You have been the family’s head, rock, advisor and all that comes with the territory of being the man of the house. You make us happy and grateful that we are blessed to have you in our lives.

You know what, i believe i am quite creative but compared to you dad, i might just be a shadow. A quote i am used to hearing from you is necessity is the mother of invention and wow, haven’t you embraced that in every way possible. You are always thinking outside the box in ways i even think is impossible. I learn a lot from you every day and i hope God will give me a chance to continue learning until we are very old and crooked. I hope to be blessed one day with children who will be proud to call you granddad.

You are stubborn, caring, innovative, organized and so many things i can’t begin to put together but today i feel like it’s my job to make sure you know that your family loves and supports you in whatever endeavor. We respect you and wish you the best of success in everything and happy birthday in advance. I know it’s like 5 or 6 days from now but still happy happy birthday. Happy fathers day to my world’s greatest dad♥️


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